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Dear Artists,

Many of you regularly send us your project proposals on,(more than 700 for the 2022-2023 season) and we thank you for it.

Generally, the period in which the programming committee meets to analyze your projects is, every year, between the months of January and March.

For this reason, we apologize that we cannot give you all an answer or an appointment outside this period.

In addition, you should know that, following the complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic, several shows scheduled in our hall over the past two years have had to be canceled.

Not wanting to put these companies in difficulty, we decided to reschedule them during the following season upon cancellation.

Currently, we have finalized the 2022-2023 programming. It is no longer possible to send us proposals for this season.

Companies selected for the 22-23 season:

Co. Des Engivaneurs, Co. Devolved to Dreams, Co. Workshop 404, Co. Selva Oscura, Christophe Luthringer, La Cie. which grows, The Yunqué Theater, Co. International, Théâtre Averse, Kraft Théâtre, Cie. Ode & Lyre, Troïm Teater, Co. Male Domestic, Co. Who Wears What?, CoArtRe, Coll. Cemetery of Dogs, Collective Mahu, Co. Jetzt, Aberratio Mentalis, NICRI productions, Les Chants égarés.

Any new proposals received from now on will be processed between January and March 2023, for the 2023-2024 season.

Concerning the MigrActions Festival, the programming of the 16th edition (June-July 2023) will take place in the same period above.

While waiting to be able to exchange with you, we wish you full of energy, creativity and hope for the future.


For information, here is the usual procedure to follow to propose projects to us:

You can send your files, captas, photos…

Please specify in the subject of the email if you are applying for the program of the season or for one of our festivals (MigrActions, Spotlight on young creation)

⚠ Attention – Important Information ⚠

Before sending us your proposal, please take into account the following information.

  • Check if your show can adapt to the technical conditions and dimensions of our room:  our technical sheet

  • Note that, acoustically, your shows cannot exceed 100 dB. The room is just acoustically isolated for the human voice and acoustic musical instruments (example: acoustic guitar, flute, etc.). Thus, it is impossible for us to host shows with amplified or percussion instruments (example: electric guitar, drums, etc.) or which use bass in the pre-recorded soundtracks.

  • The Theater of the Oppressed does not purchase performances of shows. We work in co-production: 50% of the revenue for the hosted company, 50% of the revenue for the Theatre. There is no guaranteed minimum.

  • The room has no legs on the sides and the back of the stage. The back of the room is a rough stone wall. The floor is concrete (there is no dance floor). The public entrance is on the stage area.

  • Our technical director is there during the set-up and dismantling of the shows but does not provide the management. Each company must arrive with its own manager.

  • Our programming consists of theater shows, any other type of show can be considered only for the MigrActions Festival.

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